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Retail Awareness Workshop

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Developing a
"See Something, Say Something" Program


This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of key components and indicators to those with a security role within the retail industry. This practice will enable businesses to provide awareness training to their employees specific to their allocation of resources and products sold. This is not a "one size fits all" approach, but rather a designed program specific to each businesses needs.

Is this Workshop for Me?

We have developed this workshop to specifically address the needs of those with a key role in security and employee training within the retail industry. Attendees would include those with a specific role in:

  • Retail Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Site / Facility Management
  • Human Resources
  • Cashiers / Customer Service
  • Online Purchase Management

Expectations and Knowledge Gained

Working with companies to illustrate the steps that are to be taken, the questions to ask and who to call when you do "see something" is vital in today's environment to provide security for all. By developing a level of awareness, backing it by solid protocol and standard operating procedures, we can create a truly proactive environment. Through this course students will develop a basic understanding of common threats, and steps to be taken to build upon these practices within their own programs. 

Key Benefits to Attendees      

After reviewing each retailers marketplace and product assortment, we can custom design a platform that is relevant to your situation. We will then work with and provide curriculum to your security personnel and develop a basic level of awareness. This information can then be disseminated throughout the company's staff by the in-house security division, or through MAC 7 Training by providing additional training events to the larger groups through workshops.

Modules Include

  • Commonly Used Items
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Case Studies of Prior Events
  • Understanding the Current Events
  • Reporting Protocols
  • Identifying Precursors
  • Roles and Responsibilies
  • Preventative Measures Program


The default class location is Scranton, PA OR San Diego, CA. The listed price does not include trainer or trainee travel, lodging, or licensing fees