MAC 7 Training

CBRNe Training Kit w/ CWA Simulants

Item #: MAC-TA-CB01

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Next-Level Capabilities for CBRNe Response Training

Familiarize detection teams with the visual and tactile properties of the most dangerous Chemical Warfare Agents and help responders recognize them easily
during the course of their work. Implementation of CWA simulants, combined with realistic ordnance and IEDs provide unparalleled training.

  • Chemical ordnance with integral containers for liquid simulants that can be implemented into “Leak, Seal, Pack” training scenarios
  • Ordnance can be reconfigured into IEDs using the included inert explosives, detonators, & switches
  • Improvised devices with a variety of switches can utilize liquid dispersal or IED configurations, including time, victim, or command operation

Each kit includes GB, HD, and VX Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) simulants that provide an accurate detection response.

This next generation of simulants not only gives identical results on the majority of detectors, but they also react accurately on detection paper.

Benefits include:

  • Identical look, feel, and behavior to the real chemicals
  • Detection devices respond the same way as they would with real agent, such as Ion Mobility Spectrometers, Flame Spectrometers, or detection paper, eliminating the requirement to purchase expensive CBRNe training
  • Provides highly realistic training not normally affordable, but absolutely essential for today’s professional.