MAC 7 Training
Law Enforcement Open House and Capability Showcase

Law Enforcement Open House and Capability Showcase

Roll Call LLC, in cooperation with Inert Products and MAC 7 Training, are proud to announce this event for local Law Enforcement personnel. Hosted at the Roll Call facility in Scranton, PA, this event will showcase capabilities and training equipment for Law Enforcement free of charge.

Demonstrations and curriculum will be provided utilizing proven methods of immersive training methods and platforms to provide the highest level of realism available today for Law Enforcement training.

"This one of a kind event is key in engaging Law Enforcement professionals from our area to provide information and capabilities for those protecting us on a daily basis."

  • Simulated Explosives 
  • IED Recognition
  • Drug Labs
  • Scent Generation
  • Reactive Training Aids
  • Blast Simulators
  • Improvised Weapons 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Entry Denial
  • Site Exploitation
  • HME Labs
  • Marking Techniques

 Open House Hours: 1300-1800 (1pm-6pm) 

**Must Have Proper, Valid Law Enforcement Identification**

Contact Info: (570) 496-4867

Where: Scranton, PA

When: August 23rd, 2017