MAC 7 Training

About Us

MAC 7 was founded by veterans who believe that security, vigilance, and training are the cornerstones to combating terrorism. 

We provide consultants specializing in specific fields, custom designed equipment, interactive training courses, customized curriculum, and training for new threats / areas with instructors who are certified Master Trainers.   

MAC 7 can provide training, equipment, and consultants both nationally and internationally.

Let MAC 7 be "proactive, not reactive" to your security concerns.

In late 2016, MAC 7 was acquired by the ownership of Inert Products LLC. The integration of MAC 7 training services with Inert Products highly realistic training aids further ensures a sustained support in the ongoing effort to save lives through better training.


Director of Training

George J McKerrow, Director of Training for MAC 7, has over 30 years of experience in Counter Terrorism and C-IED, and is also a Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner.

He joined the British Army in 1985, was enlisted into the Corps of Royal Engineers, and attended training to be a Paratrooper, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer and a High-Risk Search Advisor. During this time, he received extensive training at the UK Defense Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (DEODS) and the UK Counter Terrorism Search Wing.

He was instrumental in the development and writing for the UK Counter Terrorism Search pamphlet. George has been actively involved in training specialist units from the UK Police Force (SO13), US Secret Service and FBI on Terrorist threat assessment exercises and the planning and coordinating for high- risk search missions.

George (SSM McKerrow) was assigned to the US, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in August 2006 to develop a program of instruction that would be taught at a joint level to service men and woman in the US to cover Search/Tactical Site Exploitation (SE) training. He was handpicked for this task as the UK subject matter expert (SME) to help the US create an indigenous High-Risk Search/Site Exploitation capability. George later retired with over 24 years’ experience in the UK military.

Since leaving the military, he has spent the last ten years working with military, law enforcement and security services to assist in the defeat of global terrorism. George is a certified counter terrorism practitioner who continues to conduct training, develop equipment and organize international training events. During this period George has had regular trips back to work in combat zones like Afghanistan, Iraq & Kurdistan. He has been a guest speaker at numerous global counter terrorism conferences and workshops. He has also conducted training classes and exercises in US, Canada, UK, SE Asia, Europe & the Middle East.