MAC 7 Training

EOD Diagnostics Trainer

Item #: MAC-TA10

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Learn, train, and maintain procedures and techniques on everything from basic detonator diagnostics to advanced switch and sensor diagnostics

The EOD Diagnostics Trainer from Spectac lets you train detonator diagnostic procedures and switch diagnostic procedures on the same system. Other systems are only detonator only or a combination of detonator and switch at the same time.


  • Simple set up and opportunity to train different type of procedures
  • Algorithm settings gives the operator different readings every time the Diagnostic Trainer is turned on.
    • Operator cannot learn the answer on recurring training.
  • Each connection has 6 cable pairs of either detonators or switches/sensor
    • 3 different connection types:
      • Detonator Diagnostic Set
      • Basic Switch Set
      • Advanced Switch / Sensor Set
  • Less than one minute to change between tasks
  • Operates on AA batteries