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CIED Advanced Poster Series - ISIS Devices: Electrically Fired Hand Grenade (2 of 3)

Item #: MAC-BGP012

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This new series of posters available from MAC 7 utilizes the most up-to-date information on the IEDs and components used by ISIS. Developed by R.C. Gravett, these designs include photography of the real devices as well as detailed hand-drawn sketches.
  • Each poster is printed on 18" x 24" heavy-duty laminated sheets.

Content Preview:

"ISIS/ISIL continues to produce a variation of old tried and tested devices as well as updated versions of known mechanisms. This Hand Grenade is nothing new; it was just interesting to see ISIL/ISIS’s all weather, electrically initiated, pyrotechnic time delay, version of the old tried and tested Pipe bomb hand Grenade. This device was found in N. Iraq and consisted of a simple pipe fragmentation hand grenade made from plumbers pipe fittings with a pyrotechnic fuse, a flash detonator and military-grade explosive filling."