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CIED Advanced Poster Series - ISIS Devices: Improvised Pipe Mine

Item #: MAC-BGP033

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This new series of posters available from MAC 7 utilizes the most up-to-date information on the IEDs and components used by ISIS. Developed by R.C. Gravett, these designs include photography of the real devices as well as detailed hand-drawn sketches.
  • Each poster is printed on 18" x 24" heavy-duty laminated sheets.

Content Preview:

"These Improvised Landmines were found in the Khazir area of N. Iraq after ISIS had been evicted by Kurdish Forces. ISIS have laid thousands of improvised landmines in a combination of Metal and Plastic mines throughout the Khazir area, in huge improvised barrier minefields, designed to stop and delay Kurdish Forces from entering the area. The mine is manufactured from large diameter oil pipelines and uses ANAL HME as a main charge and incorporates a mechanical cocked-striker fuse to detonate the mine..."