MAC 7 Training

High Risk / Venue Search Training Course

Item #: MAC-TC04

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This four day course will teach Team Leaders how to plan and manage Search Teams to conduct a high profile Venue Search.

Class Size

Ten (10) to twenty (20) students


The training will concentrate on the planning aspect of how to utilize your search teams. A mixture of tabletop exercise, syndicate planning and practical off site visits help plan out the scale of the task and the appropriate utilization of the search assets available.


  • IED Components
  • IED Triggers
  • Method of Attack
  • Threat Assessment
  • Suicide Bomber / VBIED Threat Recognition
  • Sniper / Mortar Bast Plate Checks
  • Terrorist Attacks - Case Studies
  • Venue Search Techniques
  • Venue Search Planning
  • RAG Assessments
  • Search Assets Available
  • Evidence Collection / Handling
  • Actions on a Find
  • Venue Search Exercise Planning


* Cost is per student for the duration of the training course (four days).

The default class location is Scranton, PA OR San Diego, CA. The listed price does not include trainer or trainee travel, lodging, or licensing fees

To discuss availability outside of the normal class size please contact us.