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Insight into ISIS Weaponry and IED Workshop

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This one-day workshop will provide participants with a fundamental approach to understanding the threats posed by ISIS, Islamic militant groups, and followers inspired by their actions. Students will take a hands-on approach to learning, exposing them to various forms of ISIS-inspired devices and methods of construction. Interaction with examples of realistic IEDs is key to understanding the fundamental approach to device construction and methodology. This workshop provides insight into the birth, global reach, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) they have adopted.

From its inception, ISIS has demonstrated its effectiveness to produce mass quantities of IEDs and weaponry throughout Iraq and Syria. Unique and sophisticated weapon delivery platforms have emerged and continue to evolve with the increased use of assault suicide vehicle bombs (VBIEDs) and aerial delivered improvised munitions (ADIMs) dropped from commercial drones or UAVs.

MAC 7’s ISIS Weaponry and IED Workshop structure will comprehensively cover both basic and advanced subjects surrounding this topic. You will leave this workshop with a more in-depth understanding of ISIS capabilities and why it has been the biggest threat to global security this decade.

Class Size

Ten (10) to twenty (20) students


    • Basic IED construction
    • Mass scale weapon manufacturing
    • ISIS specific IED devices & emplacement
    • UAV threat
    • VBIED threat
    • Emerging ISIS threats


    * Cost is per student for the duration of the training course (four days).

    The default class location is Scranton, PA. The listed price does not include trainer or trainee travel, lodging, or licensing fees

    To discuss availability outside of the normal class size please contact us.