MAC 7 Training

MK-3 Flip Top, Level 3, 1.33% TC, Stream - Bag on Valve, Tubed

Item #: MAC-FT03CS-BOV

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2 oz Flip Top MK-3 BOV OC Stream Unit. Product contains a 10% OC formulation at 2,000,000 SHU 1.25 % TC (Total Capsaicinoids)*

Bag-On-Valve (BOV) system allows for spray in any orientation

The 2 oz Flip Top MK-3 Unit is safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor) such as TASER™.

Labels on the cans are filled with all of the necessary information that you need. Serial Numbers, Expiration Dates, Stock Numbers, and Delivery System are all included on the label for easy identification. 

Live OC Units use the Black/White label and the Inert Training Units use the Black/Yellow label for immediate sight recognition in any situation. 

MK-3 Features:

  • Flip Top safety helps prevent accidental discharges.
  • Powerful formulation quickly incapacitates subjects.
  • Available in Fog/Cone, Stream, Gel, Foam, and Vapor delivery systems
  • Individual Serial Numbers on each label.
  • Date of Expiration on each label.

*ASTA Method 21.3, latest measurement standard