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Pocket-ETK (Explosives Testing Kit) #102 - Case of 10

Item #: MAC-PR12-102

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  • A presumptive test kit for the full spectrum of Nitro / Nitrates, Chlorates, and Peroxides


  • Easy-to-Use Instruction Card folds out and stays attached to case.
  • Convenient Color Chart shows positive result colors for each explosive group.
  • Rugged Plastic Kit is designed for field use.
  • Mini Reagent Tubes with ampoules are securely packaged in individual dispensing containers.
  • Each Mini Tube can perform 5 tests.
  • Premium Test Papers are engineered to enhance trace sample collection.
  • Date Chart allows user to track expiration dates.


  • Pocket-ETK is designed to meet the needs of the field operator and offer the following advantages over other colorimetric test kits:
    • No power or heat source required
    • No messy aerosol sprays
    • Minimal training required
    • Pre and post-blast detection capability
    • Long shelf life: 18 months, preactivation; 1 week post-activation
    • High sensitivity. Tests to microgram and nanogram level.

    Tests for:

    • Nitro / Nitrate Explosives:
      • TNT, DNT, TNB, Tetryl, Picric Acid, NG, C4, PETN, RDX, HMX, NC, Semtex, ANFO, Smokeless Powder, Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Black Powder
    • Chlorate Explosives:
      • Inorganic Chlorates, Hypochlorite, Bromates
    • Peroxide Explosives:
      • Organic Peroxides, TATP, ACP, HMTD


      • 6 Mini Reagent Tubes
      • 20 Test Papers
      • Fold-out Instruction Card
      • Instruction Sheet
      • Rugged Plastic Kit
      • Recloseable Polybag


        • Length: 5.3"
        • Width: 2"
        • Depth: 1"
        • Weight: < 4 oz.