MAC 7 Training

UXO / ERW Recognition Course - Level One

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This five day course will teach students how to categorize and report accurately on any UXO (Un-Exploded Ordnance) or ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) that they may have found. They will also be taught about the dangers associated with these devices and how to clearly mark them in a safe manner. Students will be provided with insight to safely recognize and categorize UXO / ERW that are above the surface of the ground (not items that are buried / concealed).

Target Audience

  • De-Miners
  • UN / NATO Personnel
  • EOD Techs
  • PSD Security Teams
  • Humanitarian Aid Workers
  • War Correspondents


  • Anti Personnel Mines 
  • Anti Vehicle Mines
  • Grenades
    • Mortars
    • Rockets
    • Projectiles

    * Cost is per student for the duration of the training course (five days).

    The default class location is Scranton, PA OR San Diego, CA. The listed price does not include trainer or trainee travel, lodging, or licensing fees

    To discuss availability outside of the normal class size please contact us.